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About the Hoop Consultants & My Experience

Hoop Consultants is a global basketball consulting Company servicing Players ,Coaches, & Scouts at all levels from NBA to High School & Everything In-between.. Our main goal is to work with our clients to have them meet all of their career goals to give them the most pertinent information as possible. For the past 25 years I’ve developed my craft by working with some of the best players that the game has ever seen.

We provide many services to help develop and shape our clients. The content that we provide on this site is second to none in developing and shaping players and coaches. We offer Membership Packages & Virtual Consulting Services to Connect to our Clients as much as we can to maximize their development. Here is a rundown about the experiences that I’ve had in basketball.

Dallas Mavericks

I served as The Director of Player Development for 6 Seasons 2013-2019. My Job was to take players in their first Three seasons of their career and turn them into serviceable NBA Players that the team could sign long term or trade for future assets. Not only was it my job to work with them on the court to develop their game and skill sets, but also work hand and hand with the Team’s Director of Sports Psychology Don Kalkstein to meet with them off the court to develop their Professional Mindset and Preparation. Our philosophy was that we were developing them for The Mavericks or somewhere else in the long run. With the help of an unbelievable support staff we were able to develop players such as Jae Crowder, Dwight Powell, Dorian Finney-Smith, Maxi Kleber,Jalen Brunson & Many More. I learned the importance of developing players that were deep in the team’s depth chart to move them from 9-12 on your roster to 5-7 and how in the long run can positively impact the organization for years to come. That position taught me a lot about what true development is and the importance of having a Great Strength Program, Training Staff, & Dedicated Assistants that wanted to teach the game.

Kobe Bryant

I served as Kobe’s Strategic Game Management Coach for 4 Years 2009-2012. My job was to give Kobe detailed scouting reports and video breakdowns on every player that he was going to defend as well as every player that was going to defend him. I also was in charge of critiquing his game and giving him a post game analysis and everything that he did positive and negative in every game. He would receive my breakdown at 7AM on game days. The package would include reports breaking down strength’s/weaknesses of the starter, back-up, and third player in the rotation. He would get Offensive/Defensive Edits, Shot Charts, Analytical Analysis, Specific Plays Called For Them, Tendencies, & Other intel on all players involved. We would start to talk about the report after shoot around Via Email and our conversations would end about 90 minutes before game time. I would breakdown the game sending him his offensive/defensive edits as well as a report on his performance. We would usually start discussing the post game report about 90 minutes after each game ended and then the process would repeat itself through Four Seasons and 2 Championships (2009 & 2010). I would also show him film on other player’s footwork and other attributes to add to his own game as well as work him out when called upon to do so. It was an amazing experience to pick the brain of one of the best players that ever lived. The fact that he could take criticism and wanted to be held accountable was something I’ve never seen from a player of that stature. To talk about the game and witness his preparation and investment of time and effort to his career was something I wouldn’t trade for anything. He was one of the greatest players that ever played, yet he prepared for the game like he was the 13th man fighting for his life to make the roster.

Attack Athletics

I spent 10 Years as Director of Basketball Operations For ATTACK Athletics in Chicago,IL working for Tim Grover who was Michael Jordan’s Trainer throughout his career. Tim was one of the first Trainers to workout NBA Player’s in the off season. I was in charge of all On Court workouts for our NBA Clients as well as our NBA Pre Draft Clients. It was one of the more amazing basketball experiences in my career to get to see player’s of that high stature close up and what went into their off season routine. We got the honor of working with players such as Michael Finley, Juwan Howard, Dwyane Wade, Tracy McGrady, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo,Gilbert Arenas, Shawn Marion, Q Richardson, Channing Frye, Shaun Livingston, Antione Walker, Jermaine O’Neal, Ray Felton, Eddy Curry, Cory Maggette, and countless others. It was my responsibility to organize the on court off season development of our clients as well as to develop our NBA Pre Draft Carriculum preparing our clients for the NBA Draft every spring. Probably the best lesson I learned form Tim was how he handled his players. The presence that he had and his brutal honesty. The lessons that I learned from that was unmatched and to be able to work with such a broad scope of players it enabled me to ask questions and learn from them was unmatched. Tim is easily the best boss that I ever had and am FOREVER GRATEFUL for all he’s done for me and my family.

Boston Celtics

I spent 4 Years as a Scout in the Basketball Operations Department for The Boston Celtics. My job was to breakdown film and gather intel on the International Players entered in The NBA Draft. I also assisted projects for US College Players/ High School Players entering the Draft as well.I would attend high school and college games to cover certain games and events for the team It was my first official job ever in scouting hired by General Manager Chris Wallace originally in 2003 and eventually reporting to Danny Ainge. The position taught me a lot about Talent Evaluation and how an organization prepares for the NBA Draft. Making the early mistakes in evaluation really helped shape my ability to evaluate players by the end of my time with the team. With the education of Talent Evaluation combined with Player Development it was a great learning experience being there.

Early Career & Influences

I attended Suffolk University in Boston,MA where I served as a manager of the Men’s Basketball Team Under James E. Nelson. I met one of my first Basketball Influences after my freshman year named Leo Papile. Leo ran one of the most respected AAU Programs in the Country named the B.A.B.C. Boston Amateur Basketball Club. I was a stat keeper for the team who featured Future McDonalds All American Players as well as countless Division 1 Basketball Players who had a National Reputation for Winning. I started to work players out in the off season and that started my career in development. Because of my affiliation with the BABC I got the opportunity to Coach at The Prestigious Nike All-American Basketball Camp in Indianapolis,IN working with some of the Nation’s Top High School and College Players. That started a 24 year relationship with Nike Grassroots Basketball that I still have today. I worked as many camps in the summer as I could to work on my craft. Camps like Eastern Invitational Basketball Camp, Pocono Invitational Basketball Camp, Snow Valley Basketball School, Championship Basketball School, Dave Hopla Shooting Camp, Reebok Euro Camp(Treviso Italy), Euro Big Man Camp (Treviso,Italy), Michael Jordan Flight School, & Many More. I would workout local Division 1 college players to improve my ability to teach. Having mentors such like Herb Livsey,Tates Locke, Dave Severns, Dave Hopla & George Raveling helped me tremendously. Eventually I started working out NBA Players such as Chris Herren, Bruce Bowen and some others and eventually was lucky enough to land with The Boston Celtics.