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Virtual Consultations

Everyone needs professional guidance and advice. If being around basketball for 25 years working with some of the best players ever to play the game has taught me anything it taught me is you can never be too prepared. I got the idea of 1-on-1 consulting when I was working for Kobe. Sure, my job was to scout opponents and give him intel, but soon after I started with him the job grew into him asking me for my opinions on so many different situations. “How do you think I should defend this player, How can I get this teammate going early, What type of shots should I look to get” were common questions that I was being asked a few days into the job. A couple of months into it I thought to myself that these types of discussions and 1-on-1 discussions about the game could really help players of all levels. I started implementing a lot of talks, meetings, and discussions with the players that I would work with and when I got to the Dallas Mavericks in 2013 I felt as though meetings and talks with players as well as on the court development really made a difference and changed the way we developed players.

Virtual Consultations is what drives my business. Players/Coaches/& Scouts from all levels globally reach out to me to ask for advice on different things. It could be what skills are important for a specific position?, what drills should be implemented into a workout?, or how should I approach this player that is in the doghouse? I’ve been around the game a long time and have dealt with almost every type of player situation. What made me GREAT at my job was not only could I work with players on the court and get them better, but I also can out fires out quickly with players by telling them the truth and coming up with a plan of Attack. In meetings I can listen to a player, be neutral in which I wouldn’t always side with the coaching staff automatically and come up with a plan for the player to be successful. If the player was wrong I would tell them so or if they weren’t invested in being a pro I would let them know. But, if they were right and doing the right things I would also let them know. It could be lack of playing time, what their role was, not liking a coach, problem off the floor, etc. You have to be ready for everything and anything. What separates good coaches and great ones is you have to run towards the fire when things get rocky and I was always able to do that with a consistent approach to my job.

What ended up happening was after experiencing all of these different situations dealing with players I was able to be a GREAT consultant to players to get through these things, but also consult coaches that were going through the same things with their players and need assistance. On top of the off the court experience I can also produce workouts for any position for any amount of players in my sleep as well as backing it up with teaching points and presence on the court. With all of this it makes perfect sense to consult Players/Coaches/Scouts on their daily issues or questions that come up.

Who Should Sign Up For Sessions


Players in high school, college, and low/mid level professional should definitely schedule sessions. I can help set up your player development program, give you advice on what your trainer should be working with you on, and position specific questions to get you better as a player. Also any off the court things like how you should approach a coach, deal with a lack of playing time, not happy with your role, etc I can also help you with. I’ve worked with every type of player from Kobe Bryant to Johnny Bryant and everything in between. If you have a question most likely I can answer it.If you are a player trying to play professional I can help you get organized with your process. Things like workouts, exposure ideas, finding an agent, types of exposure events to attend are all things that I can help you with. I’ve worked with thousands of players from all levels, I can help.


Coaches at ANY level should take advantage of this service. The first thing that I can do is help you organize your player development. Any type of teaching points for any skill set for any position (have no idea if this is a real sentence or not) I can help you with. The drills and workouts are the easy part. I’ve worked with thousands of players, conducting countless workouts individually as well as group. For me it isn’t the drills, anyone can come up with drills. It is the ability to correct and have presence. For younger coaches especially this service can do wonders for your development and preparing you to find a job. In Dallas I created the largest player development internship in the NBA. It attracted over 1,400 resumes a year for 12 spots. The common issue that I found with interviewing for these 12 spots was that young coaches that were trying to guide themselves through the process of finding a job had no plan and very little guidance. The Virtual Consultations can definitely help you start a plan for you to help you find success in the coaching industry. For experienced coaches that need to get better with not only player development, but also presence with players and developing player relationships, travel no further because I can help you.


This service can help younger professionals that are trying to crack into scouting/front office. I spent four years as a Scout with The Boston Celtics evaluating prospects for the NBA Draft. Prior to working for the Celtics, I had the honor of being mentored by some of the top Talent evaluators in basketball learning how to breakdown players and evaluate their potential. What I learned is Player Development/Talent Evaluation go hand and hand. I think you have to learn both skills to be able not only to evaluate players, but also have an understanding how long it will take to fix certain issues that a player will have. I can teach you how to organize your scouting system as well as give you insight on tools to keep you organized and trending in the right direction. Young people trying to crack into scouting not only need to learn the tricks of the trade, but also have a plan of attack on how to network and market themselves. I can definitely be of service.

How the Service Works

It is a very easy process as far as how to book a session or sessions. Click on one of the many links on the site to go to the scheduling page. Pick out a time that I am available and works for you and Pre Pay for the session. I will get an alert email and will send you a link to connect through Zoom. It is that easy. You pick the time and the amount of sessions and I will send you the link(s) to connect. We start on time and end on time so if the time flows over what is allotted you will be billed for the next level up. Also I offer multiple memberships where Consultation Minutes Monthly are included so check that out as well.

The Consultation Fee is 15 Mins-$45/30 Mins $85 & 60 Mins for $150