Player Evaluations

Global Player Evaluation Service


The Player Evaluation Program is a service for Players at all levels (HS/COLLEGE/PRO) to give them a PROFESSIONAL & HONEST Evaluation of their game. The goal is to identify Strengths & Weaknesses of the player to Develop a Plan of Attack when planning a Developmental Program for them. The Program is designed for players to get an early evaluation to fix any issues with their game early in the process to give them enough time make the proper changes. In my experience with the Dallas Mavericks running their Developmental program, it was instrumental for every player that we worked with to get honest feedback and a plan of attack to streamline their development. This is the only way that a player can.

I have over 25 years of experience Developing/Evaluating Players at ALL LEVELS. I spent 4 years as an NBA scout for The Boston Celtics, 6 Years as Director of Player Development Development for The Dallas Mavericks as well as advising countless players at all levels on their game and development. I’ve made my reputation by being completely honest with giving my opinion and professional insight with the people that I work with.Honesty is what enabled me to Consult and Advise Kobe Bryant as he surrounded himself with people that told him the truth and challenged him daily.


After receiving payment I will schedule a 30 minute Zoom call with you. In this initial meeting I want to hear from you as far as what position you play, your workout regiment, role on your team, and where you want to go with your game. I want to get an idea of where you are and your expectations. After our meeting, you will forward to me TWO FULL GAMES with your game minutes only (no commercials, FT’s that you aren’t involved in, time in the game when you are on the bench, Time Outs. Etc) as well as a 5 minute highlights of good plays offense as well as defense. You will upload that game to Vimeo or Youtube for me to watch. After watching the film I will produce a Evaluation Report as well as a short video breakdown with commentary on it to Present to you. The Comprehensive Report will cover your strengths & weaknesses and a program in which to improve on your weaknesses. The video will back up my report to show you visually how I came up with my findings.

Within 72 hours I will schedule another Zoom call with you to go over my Evaluation. This will present to you my findings and a plan of attack to help you maximize your development.


This service isn’t for everyone. Sometimes getting the truth is a hard pill to swallow. In my experience, getting a professional honest opinion is what all players need to maximize their career at any level. You have to have clarity if you want to maximize your potential.

I’ve seen too many times when players are lied to when needing to be truly evaluated. There are so many people that steer players in the wrong direction because it’s financially rewarding for them to do so. In my 25 years I’ve seen it done too many times and want to help as many as I can.

If you want someone with a fresh pair of eyes that has over 25 years experience working with Players at All Levels to help you by giving a honest and professional opinion then reach out and lets get started. You may like or not like what I have to say, but at least it will be honest and fair. Good luck and hope to hear from you.

Turnaround for Evaluations are 7 Days or Less!